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What are the steps and commands to reset the password?

Follow the following steps and commands to reset the password: 

  1. Locate the vCloud Usage Meter virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client Navigator and select it.
  2. Go to the Summary tab.
  3. Right-click the virtual machine and select Open Console and choose one of the option.
  4. Log in with usgmtr user name and the password that was configured at installation and press Enter.
  5. To create your Web application password, at the prompt, type webpass and press Enter.
  6. Type a Web application password and press Enter.                                                      Note: Keep a record of the Web Application password. 
  7. Type exit to return to the virtual machine console.
  8. Note the URL for accessing the vCloud Usage Meter Web application that appears in the console.
  9. Use admin as user name and the password configured for webpass to log in to the Web application