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Is There A Discount For An Existing Customer From Microsoft?

Existing CRM Online customers in Direct and CSP will be allowed to auto-renew into their existing CRM Online subscriptions until February 1, 2017 if they haven't planned yet to move to Dynamics 365. Existing Open CRM online customers or CRM online customers in Direct and CSP will need to transition to Dynamics 365 SKUs at the end of the subscription.


Existing Customers will receive transition pricing from Microsoft as per table below:


Existing Dynamics CRM Online User

Current Price

Application Transition Pricing

Plan Transition Pricing

Applicable Terms

Professional USL

AU$82.80 / US$65

(for Sales)

AU$109.90/US$86 (for Plan 1)

For customers as of October 31, 2016 this offer applies to all users purchased before and after October 31, 2016 until renewal.

(for Customer Service)

Professional USL Add-on to O365

AU$63.70 / US$50

(for Sales)

AU$74.50/US$66(for Plan 1)

(for Customer Service)

Basic USL + Field Service or Project Service Automation Add-on

AU$82.80 / US$65

(for Field Service)

Not Available

(for Project Service)

Basic USL

AU$38.20/ US$30

(for Sales)

AU$73.20/US$57 (for Plan 1)

Only applies to existing users as of October 31, 2016

CRM On-premise, NAV, GP or SL Customers who are current on SA or enhancement plan will have the option to move to Dynamics 365 via from SA (at anniversary or renewal) and Cloud Add-on SKUs (at any time) and get up to 40% discount.


Once the user licenses are provisioned in Prime portal, you then need to assign existing users to these provisioned licenses through partner admin center manually as there is no direct mapping between old CRM online licenses and Dynamics 365 licenses.