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What Can I Do With PRISM Connect?

What information does PRISM connect sync?

PRISM Connect syncs with the following:

  • PRISM Connect creates and updates products in the product catalogue based on the PRISM pricelist. After the products are “linked” in the catalogue (using the Vendor SKU) the Connect app will update the price and cost of the product, including your buy price and RRP.
  • PRISM Connect will also sync the standard monthly invoices for the program, creating “Additions” (For additional information, please refer here - How does PRISM Connect handle the change to the product quantity within the subscription during the monthly billing period?) in ConnectWise to correctly prorate the subscription changes from the previous month.

Which program/product can I currently sync using PRISM Connect? 

PRISM Connect can sync all products in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, including Azure. PRISM Connect will support other products and programs soon.

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Nicholas Sharp
Strategy and Enablement