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As a VCPP Partner, how do you move to Flex pricing model? Do you automatically move to Flex upon your Contract Renewal?

If you are a VCPP Partner signed your contract after May 1, 2019, you are already in the Flex model and there are no additional changes required.

If you are a VCPP Partner signed your contract prior to May 1, 2019 and currently having the contract Active, there are some additional steps to transition into Flex.

Once you have agreed on moving to Flex, please send an email confirmation to rhipe program operations ( with your acceptance on moving to Flex.

Secondly, login to rhipe’s Prism Portal and access VMware Business Portal, Accept the Flex Sign-Up Agreement which is displayed on the screen and submit.

Contract Renewals will not automatically transition you into Flex Pricing model. Please follow the steps mentioned above to complete the transition process. If above steps are not completed, the usage reported through VMware Business Portal would be calculated based on existing vCloud SP Bundle pricing.

Below is a preview of the sign-up screen: