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What are the necessary steps required as part of this transition from VMware VCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 Pt) to a different bundle?

The following are the procedures involved in the Transition.

  1. rhipe will inform all existing partners using VMware vCloud SP Standard Bundle (5 pt) to review and understand the change.
  2. You are advised to provide an acknowledgment to rhipe that you understand the change and required transition.
  3. You can make an appointment to discussion with rhipe’s VMware specialists to address any questions, concerns, or any challenges you might have.
  4. You need to decide which bundle you plan to Transition and update Rhipe about the plan. In terms of points, the next available bundle in the Program is VMware vCloud SP Advanced bundle (7 pt).
  5. You should login to Partner Central and MyVMware portals to get access to available products and licenses within the selected bundle. One of the primary change during this transition would be the upgrade of vSphere License to Enterprise Plus License. Refer to this knowledge base article on upgrading Licenses through MyVMware:
  6. Upon updating the License on the vSphere Product, the Usage Meter will automatically capture this change and match that to the appropriate bundle and collects usage reports based on the new bundle.
  7. Partners will submit the usage in Prism Portal with selecting the new bundle once the transition is made.