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I Am Keen To Explore Becoming A Dynamics Partner And Have Access To Dynamics Learning Portal. How Can I Become One?

The following are steps of how you can sign up to be a Dynamics Partner by signing PRA agreement:

  1. Get your MPN ID ready, download and print copy of Partner Registration Agreement (PRA agreement) here
  2. Submit the signed and completed scanned copies to Microsoft Dynamics APOC agreement team


The agreement team in Dynamics Operations will set up an account for you and ask you to log in the first time and associate your Windows Live ID for log into PartnerSource. Note that it is your personal Windows Live ID, not your company address. Once the association is done, you can invite your co-workers into PartnerSource and assign roles to different users.


Be sure also to go to DIY Dynamics to learn basic operations and how to gain access to different resources in PartnerSource and order Dynamics Training Pack to gain access to Dynamics Learning Portal.