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What Are The Requirements Of The Program?

Is there a minimum commitment? 

  • No minimum commitment 

Does the Partner need Training? 

  • No training is required


How does the Partner sign up? 

To enrol in the Program, you must complete a rhipe Program Enrolment Form which is available on the rhipe prism Portal (formerly known as prime portal) and/or is provided to you by rhipe as part of the enrolment process.  

By completing and submitting the rhipe Program Enrolment Form for the KEMP Cloud Partner Program, you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions of: 

  • The Agreement (the rhipe Terms of Trade which are available on the rhipe Prism Portal and/or are provided to you as part of the enrolment process) 
  • The Program Guide
  • The KEMP SPLA Contract Terms 


Is the program a Consumption or Usage Program? 

KEMP cloud partner program consists of per user per month model, per instance per month model and metered licensing (MELA) which is consumption based