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Why DocuSign Instead Of Other Free Secure E-Signature Software Out There?

DocuSign is much more than secure and offers many more tools and helps the users become more productive. For example:

  • You can create formula field in a document to calculate the amount signer needs to pay when the signer inputs different ordering quantity before signing the document.
  • You can choose to use anchor tags during agreement creation to apply the signature and initial fields to multiple places in documents. This is very useful for real estate or legal document which requires the signer to sign and initial on multiple pages of a document.
  • You can create conditional fields that only appear when the signer selects a particular option
  • You can add tool tips to help the signer knows what should be entered into the data field in what format.
  • You can hide sensitive information input by earlier signer as asterisk to later signer to protect signer's privacy
  • You can use masking and regex patterns to ensure that the right type of information is entered in the data fields.
  • You can create repeated data field to saves signer efforts required to complete the document to increase completion rate.
  • You can create custom tags and apply the custom tags to different documents
  • When you send a document to different people to complete a signing process, you can choose to let the signer view only pages he/she should view and hide the rest of the document
  • You can create a powerform and link to the powerform and distribute the links to anyone to sign the powerform like signing any DocuSign document
  • You can also create a list of recipients and send a DocuSign document to them using bulk send
  • You can create Any Signer group and assigns the responsibility of signing to a group of people, like the billing team. Any member of the billing team will be able to sign the document and the member who signs the document will be recorded.