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How Does Cloud Backup Use Global Admin Rights?

Global Admins for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business have the authority to grant themselves explicit access to all SharePoint Site Collections and OneDrive for Business Accounts. When a partner provides Global Admin Credentials when setting up SkyKick Cloud Backup, SkyKick technology uses that authority to explicitly grant the Global Admin access to all site collections and OneDrive for Business accounts that are included in the Cloud Backup subscription. This access is extended to any artifact which inherits permissions from that site collection and is necessary to enable the backup to occur.

One result of this is that the Global Admin will be listed as an owner of every item that is being backed up. This may result in confusion when end users see the Global Admin suddenly appear as an owner of an item. It is therefore recommended that partners inform customers of this expected result and explain that it neither changes overall permissions nor grants access that was previously not authorized.