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What are the issues that Skype for Business Optimisation helps to address?

Skype for Business Optimisation using Citrix is endorsed by Microsoft and in an increasingly mobile world, it’s the best solution for a number of reasons; 

Traditional Skype

Optimised Skype

Application management – devices are diverse and hard to manage.  Support for multiple operating systems and smart phones/tablets.

The Skype application is centralised using Citrix and no longer needs to be deployed or managed on user devices

Data integrity is hard to achieve due to users accessing data on unmanaged endpoints. Laptops, home computers, tablets and smartphones are often lost or stolen, along with any locally stored business data!

Data is no longer stored on any user device, preventing data loss and securing access to critical business information.

Security is hard to control due to user being mobile and not on a controlled network frequently.  Updating virus definitions and security updates is costly and cumbersome. 

Using Citrix removes this risk and introduces additional ability to control access based on the device being used to access Skype for Business. (see here:

User Experience can be degraded when accessing over long distance network connections or on mobile networks.

The user experience is optimised due to Citrix’s ability to route traffic between endpoints, bypassing network hair-pinning and potentially latent networks.