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How can I check whether my MPN ID is valid?

If you have migrated your MPN membership account to Partner Center, you can login to the Partner Center Dashboard here. After logging in, click the “View your partner profile” link on the Overview page of the Dashboard. Your MPN program status should be “Active.” To view your MPN IDs and their associated locations, click the “Locations” link on the left navigation bar. As noted above, be sure to use a location MPN ID that is in the same country as the one you are onboarding to Partner Center as an indirect reseller.

If you’re still managing your MPN membership account on the Partner Membership Center, you can login to your account here. After logging in, click “Your Accounts and Reports” found on the top navigation bar. Then click “My Insights” -> “Profile Membership & Training.” Your 6 June 05, 2019 membership status should be “Active.” You can also view your MPN IDs by scrolling to the “Partner Details” section of the page.