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What Are My License Entitlements?

There are 3 ways of license Symantec products under Symantec CSP – per user, per device or per server.

  1. Per-user license let user register up to 5 devices.
  • Use Case:
    • End user operates multiple business owned or BYOD devices that may be PC, Mac or mobile devices.
    • Needs mobile security to protect their Android and iOS devices and need MDM
  1. Per-device license can register the license on PC or Mac.
  • Use Case:
    • End user operates a single Windows or Mac client and need endpoint protection for one device.
    • Multiple users share a single PC or Mac device and need a lower cost solution than per-user. Common verticals for shared device requirements include retail, healthcare and education.
  1. Per server license can protect a single server.