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How do I access my license keys?

Partners with an active VCPP contract can access VMware product license keys from My VMware Portal –

Refer to following KB article on details on locating license keys through My VMware Portal -

If you are unable to find license keys in the Portal, please validate the user account tied with “Super User” or “Procurement Contact” role permissions of your Partner account. To validate, please login to My VMware Portal, Click on Accounts and Account Summary. Verify that Super User or Procurement Contact, one of these roles is matching the username logged into My VMware Portal.  If the account name is different, please login as one of those user accounts and verify the licenses.

For Production environment, the license keys to be used should be entitled for Production Support. Expand the License Key section which is listed against the product and verify the Support Level is matching Production in the My VMware Portal.

For Non-Production environment, you can leverage NFR (Not-For-Resale) license keys.  Expand the License Key section which is listed against the product and verify the Support Level is not Production Type in the My VMware Portal.

If the license keys are still not listed under My VMware Portal, it may not be allocated, and you would require to submit a One Off Order. Please follow the below procedure for both Production and NFR license request.

To submit the order:

  • Login to Prism Portal -
  • Navigate to Programs on the left-hand tool bar.
  • Select the VMware tile.
  • Click on “Access VMware Business Portal” tile.
  • In the VMware Business Portal, click on “StoreFront” Tab.

If you don’t have access to “VMware Business Portal” or “StoreFront” Tab, please send an email to requesting access and our operations will work with VMware to get the required access for the Partner account. If you have access or access granted,

  • Click “One Off Order” Tab.
  • Enter details in Justification field with reasons for the request, including the type of license in the request – Production or NFR.
  • Enter the total quantity (#count) against the product as required, which vary product to product. For example: Number of VMs (or) Number of CPUs
  • Submit the request.

VMware will review the request and notify when the product licenses are allocated.

Once the product licenses are allocated, it will be available to you in My VMware Portal. Please ensure that the “Support level” for license is mentioned as “Production Support”. Any Product license with Support Level “Product does not have support” are not for Production use and could be used only as NFR. This information is available against license key and expanding the section.