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What Is Azure Site Recovery, How Is This Useful To Me As A Partner?

Azure Site Recovery or ASR is a cloud based disaster recovery solution for Virtual machines and Physical servers running in Hosted or On-Premises environment. ASR supports Hyper-V and VMWare virtualisation platforms as the source from which the Virtual machines can be replicated.

Azure Site Recovery can replicate and orchestrate failover of Virtual machines across customer or Partner owned datacenters. In this scenario, Azure only retains the configuration information and not the VM data in Azure.

Another scenario that ASR supports, is to treat Azure as a DR site where the VM is replicated from the customer or Partner datacenter to Azure Storage. These VM images are spun up as the production VMs in Azure during disaster.

Partners can deliver this differentiated consulting driven service to customers and increase their (Average Revenue Per User / Unit) ARPU. Azure ASR helps to pull through revenue streams like Storage, Network and Hybrid Services.

ASR can also be used as a migration tool to move workloads from on-Premises to Azure and can be treated as a new service stream by partners.