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I'm able to login to the Microsoft VLSC portal, however it doesn’t show the SPLA license keys for certain products. Instead, it asks me to call a number to access the key?

The correct process to access the key(s) are as follows:

  1. Ensure that you are logging into the portal using the correct email id associated with your current agreement. You may also contact rhipe to obtain this info.
  2. If you can access the portal but cannot access a product key, chances are that the key may not be pushed out to your VLSC portal yet.
  3. You, as the SPLA partner would need to call Microsoft Product Activation Line (see contact details here).
  4. Advise the MS consultant that you are after the SPLA product key.
  5. You/partner will need to confirm some or all the following info:
    1. Program Type (i.e. SPLA),
    2. Authorization or Enrolment # (i.e. your SPLA Agreement #)Company name
    3. Contact Name and;
    4. Email id
  6. Confirm the product details (product name, edition, version) for which you require the license keys as well as the license type (i.e. KMS or MAK -see details here).
    Microsoft will then be able to release the keys into the partner’s VLSC portal within 1-2 days. They may also email you the license keys if you wish for sooner access.