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How Simple Is It To Implement Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Into Your Organisation?

Deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is simple and can be deployed in the following methods:

1.Standard Protection Agent Install - This installation method downloads a small installer that manages the full installation of the Protection Agent. It requires:

  • A user login for your Endpoint Protection Cloud account
  • Your physical presence at the computer or a remote connection to it

2. Redistributable installer package - Enables a network administrator to push out the Protection Agent for Endpoint Protection Cloud to the computers requiring protection. It provides a silent install of Endpoint Protection Cloud. (NOTE: The Redistributable Package can also be configured for deployment using Microsoft Active Directory.)

3. Email invitation - Enables you to send email invitations to download the Protection Agent for Endpoint Protection Cloud:

    1. Up to 50 email addresses separated by a semicolon can be submitted
    2. Invitation contains a URL valid for 30 days unless withdrawn by the admin
    3. Allows computer user to perform the installation themselves without administrator intervention.
    4. An Administrator can revoke the invitation, if necessary.