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Why would a partner use/want to use Citrix and Microsoft?

Citrix products are all designed to create the best user experience in a mobile and dynamic world. Using Azure provides partners with access to enterprise-grade security and availability features that would otherwise be expensive and time consuming to implement privately. 

Offering hosted desktop and applications services creates excellent revenue opportunity for partners.  SMB customers don’t want the burden of managing user devices or software and can often significantly reduce their IT costs by outsourcing desktop and application management.

Combining Citrix’s end-to-end solutions with hosting on Azure allows partners to be agile and reactive to demand with cutting edge and highly secure features that customers demand.  The ability to quickly and easily offer this capability to customers will give partners a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market.

Rather than investing in owning the underlying infrastructure the partner can deliver world class solutions to their clients for a fraction of what it would cost to build out your own equivalent environment.