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How Do I Transition A Tenant To CSP?

There are a few things to check before you transition from other licensing channels or from other partners to rhipe CSP.

1. To transition from Open program: First check the expiry date of your customer's Microsoft online subscription. Transition to rhipe CSP program within 30 days upon expiry of your customer's subscription.

2. To transition from Web direct (direct purchase from Microsoft): First follow the instructions below to transition the tenant and purchase the subscriptions through rhipe. Then, raise your service request online in the Office 365 admin center and ask the billing support team to cancel the subscription, stating that the customer is moving to CSP program so that Microsoft will waive the early termination penalty equivalent to 1-month subscription.

3. To transition from other CSP indirect providers or other CSP direct resellers to rhipe CSP: Follow the steps below to transition the tenant and create a subscription with the correct license quantity through CSP. Then, cancel the subscription with the existing CSP partner. 

4. To transition from another rhipe CSP reseller to you: Please raise a support case


To transition a tenant to rhipe CSP, first log into rhipe PRISM Portal, and go to Programs -> CSP.