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What is ‘SharePoint Hosting’ and when is it applicable?

‘SharePoint Hosting’ is software that organizations license to create external Internet sites for their enterprise content infrastructure.

This license can be used for both anonymous Internet sites and authenticated extranet sites. It can only be used for sites where:

  1. All content, information, and applications accessible by internal users must also be accessible to external users. “External users” means users that are not either (i) your customer’s employees, or (ii) your customer’s onsite contractors or agents. All other users are “internal users.”
  2. No content, information, or application is accessible exclusively to individuals inside your organization. In other words, if internal users can access content, then external users must also be able to access it.
  3. Generally, the users are not internal to your organization (i.e., individuals who are not employees, affiliates’ employees, on-site contractors, or agents serving in an employee-like capacity).