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Why would a partner use/want to use XenApp?

Unlike Microsoft, Citrix is focused entirely on end user computing and has spent the last two decades developing finely tuned and comprehensive features to help customers and partners access their apps, desktops and data securely from anywhere. 

Partners that use XenApp can deploy services to a broader end user customer base by being able to deploy to almost any device on any network. They can also use features not available in RDS to streamline operational costs, including those associated with multi-tenancy.

XenApp is the industries leading application and desktop virtualisation delivery solution and uses a superior network protocol that enables use of lower bandwidth connectivity including being able to cope with higher latency and jitter.  The same network protocol can be used to optimise the use of Skype for Business and related voice/video traffic to provide users with the best user experience available using a virtual desktop or virtual application.

The latest version of XenApp introduced Enlightened Data Transport that reduces network traffic by 60%, providing partners with the ability to deploy to the most remote and challenging devices on connections that Windows RDS cannot achieve.

Combined with NetScaler, XenApp access control can be secured to the point where the connection to a service is governed dynamically by the users’ network location and/or the device they’re using, to ensure critical business data is never accessed on public networks or devices beyond the control of the business.  NetScaler also provides remote users with a unified access experience in to services making it simple and intuitive for all users accessing all data, applications and desktops.

Finally, using Microsoft Office on XenApp provides users on any device with the full and unified Office experience including access to business data, drive mappings and the ability to use macros, all of which are otherwise not accessible in iOS or Android based versions of Office.  The Office experience on any device using XenApp is the same experience a user would expect to see on a desktop PC running Windows.

Partners can quickly and easily trial XenApp in the Azure Marketplace - if you'd like to know more please contact our resident Citrix specialist, Darren Bennett -

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