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What Are My License Entitlements?

Pay per user per month license entitlements  

  • Partners purchase Kemp ADC like they purchase MS SPLA 
  • No Minimum number, no contract term (months) 
  • Pay per user per month per application 
  • Pricing is a scaled pricing structure, starting at $1.50 per user 
  • VLM-2000 with Premium Support is used 

Per Instance Per Month license entitlements  

  • Partners purchase an Instance of a Kemp VLM, but pay monthly 
  • No Minimum number, no contract term (months) 
  • Conversion similar to that of the Per user model Capex v Opex 
  • Can scale up or down models very easily 
  • 24/7 premium support  

 Mela (Metered enterprise licensing agreement) entitlements  

  • A monthly subscription/annual where the usage is charged per gbit 
  • No monthly commitment or upfront investment 
  • 24/7 premium support  
  • Mela licenses can be used for all load balancing instances regardless of the deployment (public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud)
  • No limitation on number of load balancer instances