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What is O365 with Citrix?

O365 product suite can be installed on many devices including a Windows PC, Apple Mac, an iPhone and Android devices.

Installing the iPhone iOS versions of the O365 applications brings with it a whole new experience, arguably an unfamiliar experience, with some commonly used features including macros, templates and plugins that are simply not available due to the limitations of the interface and underlying operating system (iOS in this instance).  Additionally, you have limited, if any, access to corporate data.

Deploying O365 using Citrix means the above limitations are no longer an issue due to the underlying infrastructure running Windows in the datacentre, delivering the applications to you in the familiar Windows interface to any device on any network.

You can now use O365 applications on your mobile devices, even your Mac, with a full Windows experience and full Windows features.  Additionally, you can now access all of your corporate data securely due to the market leading Citrix capability of NetScaler.  NetScaler provides the security including authentication and encryption of your connection and data.

Last but not least, you can now use ALL of the O365 applications including Visio and Project (which are not natively available on iOS or Android, for example) on any device and have access to optimised Skype for Business. *