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Citrix CSP and Citrix Cloud Services

Many vendors have a minimum partner program fee – Citrix CSP is a free program

Partners can access all traditionally deployed Citrix software and virtual appliances as part of the Citrix CSP Program.

Citrix Cloud is a cloud-based platform for managing and deploying Citrix products and desktops and applications to end users using any type of cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, or on-premises hardware.  The platform supports cloud-based versions of every major Citrix product. These can be accessed together as an integrated "workspace" or independently.

In order to offer Citrix Cloud services, each partner needs to consume a minimum of 25 “Commit” users for a minimum of 12-months.  This requirement is in place to ensure commercial viability of the platform that is highly resilient, highly secure/compliant and evergreen.

For example, if the partner intends to offer Citrix Apps and Desktops Service, the partner will need to commit to a minimum of 25-seats of Citrix Virtual Apps Service and/or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service for 12-months.

  • Treat the minimum monthly commit as an establishment fee
  • The aforementioned establishment fee includes 25-user licences
  • The 25 seats commitment is a one-time requirement per product category * or bundle+
  • You can sell 25-seats to any number of customers to reach the minimum
  • You do not have to consume all 25-seats from the outset
  • Once met, the partner can sell flexible licences that can be used on a monthly basis, with no additional commitment

* - Product Categories include Virtual Apps/Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Managed Desktop, Content Collaboration, Analytics and MDM.

+ - Bundles include Workspace Premium and Workspace Premium Plus



Partner has 2 customers totalling 25-seats and subscribes to Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps Service for 12-months. 

The partner acquires a new customer that requires a virtual desktop service for 100 users, 50 of which are seasonal.  The partner remains committed to paying for 25-seats and can burst consumption to cater for the new customer.  

The partner is only ever committed to paying for 25-seats – but has the ability to burst consumption as high as they need.

Additionally, to access a reduced (20%) licence cost, partners can commit more licences to the term of the subscription.  For the example above, the partner can choose to commit an additional 50 licences to the subscription, leaving 50 licences as flexible licences.  The partner would then be committed to paying for a total of 75 licences each month (co-termed) for the remainder of the original term.  Any usage above 75 is flexible usage, at a 20% increased cost per user licence.