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What Is TraceMail?

TraceMail is a simple yet powerful message control tool that enables businesses to easily

protect and manage their emails even after the emails have been sent. TraceMail allows businesses to securely send, receive, track and control email communications, with anyone on any device.

TraceMail offers unique features such as

  • Real time tracking of who has opened and viewed the emails
  • Message recall by revoking messages and attachments sent in error even after it has been read.
  • Secure sending of information and large files
  • Mail forward prevention
  • Integration with any existing data leak prevention (DLP) engine and offers “intelligent content scanning” so companies can automatically prevent the sharing of sensitive information.
  • For Your Eyes Only (F.Y.E.O.) option with Optional F.Y.E.O. password protection to block anyone else who might have access to inbox messages.
  • Support on devices of major OS (laptop, tablet, phones)
  • Integrates with other archiving systems