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What Is The Benefit Of Consuming Azure Through CSP ?

Microsoft Azure is a Cloud offering that provides both Infrastructure and Platform services. It’s a consumption based – pay as you go cloud model where customers and partners pay for what is consumed from the platform. The procurement of these services can be done through multiple channel -  Web direct, Open, Enterprise Agreement and CSP.

CSP has a unique value proposition for partners who are looking at offering differentiated services to their customers. CSP model allows a partner to have end to end control and governance over their customer life cycle. Customer remain glued to the partner and does not have the necessity to handle multiple vendors or relationships for achieving the same result.

CSP also offers discount off the list price, apart from the creative margin that partners can build based on their unique / IP solutions that they can put together. Talk to your rhipe account manager to understand more on the business benefits of consuming Azure through a CSP partner like rhipe.