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Why Does A Partner Use / Want To Use Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure?

Today’s Datacenter demands are rapidly evolving as new technology standards are being adopted, such as cloud-enabled workloads that are significantly different from traditional workloads. To maintain a competitive edge, organizations must adopt these technologies while cost effectively using existing investments, preventing vendor lock-in, and enabling innovation. Organizations can achieve this with an open hybrid cloud approach that lets them keep the old and have the new — without compromise.

 Red Hat® Cloud Infrastructure helps customers do this. Built upon the trusted and enterprise-hardened Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® platform, the solution empowers customers to build and manage a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud based on Datacenter virtualisation and management technologies for traditional workloads. It also provides an on-ramp to a highly scalable, public-cloudlike infrastructure based on OpenStack®. Cost effective and more comprehensive than alternative solutions, Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure works with your existing infrastructure investments, offering choice and full control of your strategic direction