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PRISM Connect Billing?

What will happen if there is a price change in the middle of the month? How does PRISM Connect handle price changes?

PRISM Connect does not sync price changes as it is a personal choice for partners to apply the new price from that point onwards, or from the following month. In this instance, a warning will appear under the sync status screen for you to update the pricing manually. 

How does PRISM Connect handle the change to the product quantity within the subscription during the monthly billing period?

PRISM Connect can handle any quantity change by populating “Additions” in the ConnectWise instance.

For Example, let us assume that a subscription has 100 Microsoft 365 licenses with a billing start date from 01/09/2018, on 15/09/2020, we decided to add an additional 5 Microsoft 365 licenses, making the quantity 105.

In this example, there would be two additions that would be visible in ConnectWise. The first Addition with license quantity 100 and the second Addition with a prorate quantity and price of 5 additional licenses.

Do I need to sync all the products in my customer subscription? Is there a way that I can just sync a small number of SKU?

No, there is no such rule to sync all the products in the customer’s subscription. The partner can choose to sync the required products individually, without turning on sync for the whole subscription.

If I bill in advance, will the sync work? 

If you bill in advance, PRISM Connect can make a record for the following month, with the quantity that was remaining at the end of the previous month.  

Does PRISM Connect sync Annual CSP subscriptions? 

Currently, PRISM Connect can only sync monthly subscriptions.  


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