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WanOS Is Offering Quite Similar Service As Sinefa, And They Allow OEM Meaning You Can Have Your Own Band Name? Your Advantage Over WanOS

Sinefa has no OEM and focuses on delivering the world’s simplest traffic visibility and control solution backed by a scalable platform driven by open API.  Partners can build extensive services around the data that Sinefa collects.

WanOS is a traditional wan optimization appliance, which requires appliances at each location to perform compression and TCP acceleration.

  • Sinefa is not a WANopt solution.  Sinefa probe can operate standalone.
  • Sinefa is focused on visibility and effective traffic control at scale (locations & speed)
  • Sinefa is subscription based with no minimum contracts
  • Sinefa is centralized cloud based & reporting out of the box
  • Sinefa probes don’t store data
  • Sinefa doesn’t require direct access 
  • Sinefa has zero config probes to accelerate deployment and consumption
  • Sinefa is multi-tenanted
  • Sinefa is multi-tenanted within a single probe for DC & core deployments where customer traffic is aggregated
  • Sinefa provides 1-sec Live visibility
  • Sinefa is about to release 10G visibility, which can be clustered.