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Why should you check to ensure that there are no metering issues? How could you verify the products and bundles used are correct in the reports?

VMware runs selective and scheduled Compliance checks to ensure Partners are using Products and Bundle as reported through the Usage Meter report. If there are mismatches, this could lead to penalties to Partners. Hence it is important that you validate the list of Products deployed in the environment and ensure the report is accurate.

The following steps should be followed:

  • Step 1: Partners should keep a track of which VCPP Bundle and Products have been chosen and deployed in the environment, and then validate that information through Usage Meter. This information could be found by logging into the Usage Meter and accessing the “Manage” Tab and then “Products” Tab which lists the products registered. Capture these details and click on “Reports” Tab on the Top Right of the User Interface. Export and Download “Monthly Usage Report” and validate the Product listed under section “Monthly Usage Units” which provides the name of VCPP bundle being used.
  • Step 2: Refer to Page 14 of VMware Cloud Provider Program Usage Guide which lists various VMware Products included in each bundle. Match to the bundle noted in step 1 and identify the Products available within the bundle.
  • Step 3: Validate the environment and verify that only the listed products within the bundle has been deployed. If there are additional products (which are not part within the bundle) deployed and licensed in your environment, decommission them immediately.
  • Step 4: Verify the license selected is “VCPP”. Unless using VCPP, Usage Meter will consider the environment used is not part VMware Cloud Provider Program, or it is being currently used for Demo purposes. 
    Follow the below steps to validate:
    • 1. Login to Usage Meter URL https://<Usage_Meter_IP>:8443/um using username and password configured during the installation. Click on Licenses Tab on Top
    • 2. Under Billing Categories Section, validate the License selected is “VCPP”