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What Are The Issues That Are Able To Be Addressed By Kemp Load Master?

High Availability (HA) Configuration 

The High Availability feature of the Loadmaster guarantees the availability of your server farm.  HA is achieved by a hot-standby, failover mechanism. Two identical Loadmaster units are integrated into the network as a cluster.  One machine serves as the active Loadmaster and the second one remains in a standby, idle state, always prepared to take over the activities from the active server 

Flexible Licensing 

KEMP VLM can be licensed using traditional permanent licenses on each instance or with  metered licensing across multiple VLM instances. Metered licensing provides the flexibility to deploy and retire load balancing resources on‐demand greatly simplifying DevOPS environments and application scaling. 

Application resilience 

Load balancer from KEMP Technologies provides resilience for critical applications which significantly improves the performance, reduce costs and increase your customer's web experience.

Deliver Anywhere 

KEMP load master instances can be deployed on all the major hypervisor platforms and on the leading public Cloud services with a consistent set of features regardless of where deployed. Consistency across a wide range of platforms greatly simplifies cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployments with seamless migration and reduced management complexity.