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Why Microsoft?

Microsoft is the world’s largest software and cloud service provider by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable company. Microsoft is a market leader in productivity solution, cloud platform, analytics and business solutions. Partnership with Microsoft means that a partner will be selling comprehensive proven solutions with commercial-grade reliability and security to their customers.


There are also four other main benefits of selling Microsoft solutions:

1. More Opportunities

Microsoft offers a variety of different business solutions through different programs targeted at customers from SMB to Enterprise. Unlike other competitors who offer siloed solutions, Microsoft offers a coherent and integrated suite of solutions so that you can sell deep and sell more to your customers. Microsoft products are also designed so that you can build your intellectual properties and managed services to make your business more profitable

2. Better Engagements

Microsoft product marketing assets such as powerpoint presentation slides and templates, marketing banners and battle cards to help you market your products to market. They also have playbooks to help you modernize your sales and marketing for your business and reach your customers.

3. Stronger Connections

Microsoft is a partner centric company, and it work very closely with distributor like rhipe to empower their partners to achieve more. Microsoft would work with partners like rhipe to help partners have lower operational overhead by using simple billing, or get new ideas and latest market trends, or leverage on other partners’ capability to offer add-on services.

3. Smart Training

Microsoft has one of the best training systems in the industry to help partners acquire new skills and competencies and get up to speed quickly and efficiently. Microsoft’s Partner University, Dynamics Learning Portal, Practice boot camps, MSDN and Drumbeats are some of the great training portals that Microsoft has to help partners get trained, certified so that partners can go out to sell, offer consultation, provide implementation and offer managed services that would be profitable to their businesses.