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How do i enter the required information through PRISM portal for my customers?

For an existing Microsoft CSP tenant under rhipe

1. Log into rhipe PRISM Portal @, and go to Program -> Microsoft CSP -> Manage Existing Tenant.

2. Select the customer that you want to confirm their acceptance of MCA.

3. If you have not yet confirm this customer's acceptance of MCA, you will see an orange banner that reads "You have not provided confirmation this customer has accepted the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA). After November 7th, you won’t be able to make changes to this subscription until the information is provided. Click here to provide confirmation of your customer acceptance of the MCA. Download a copy of the MCA" 

4. Click on "Click here" on the orange banner.



5. Enter your customer's signer's first namelast name, email address and phone number (optional), and the signing date of the MCA. 


6. Click Confirm to confirm the MCA acceptance and close the window.

Once you have confirmed the customer's acceptance of MCA, it is not necessary for you to reconfirm acceptance again when Microsoft updates the MCA. However, you can confirm acceptance as often as you like.


For New Microsoft tenant / Microsoft tenant transitioning to rhipe CSP

When MCA Customer acceptance confirmation becomes mandatory on November 7th 2018, you must provide the details of your customer's acceptance of the MCA to be able to add new subscription(s) to a rhipe Microsoft CSP tenant. Otherwise, you can create / transition tenant but will not be able to add subscription(s) to the tenant.