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How do I read my invoice?

You can download your invoice from the rhipe PRISM Portal.

An example of a snapshot of a CSP invoice can be found below:

There are 2 main sections under a CSP invoice.

Under PROGRAM SUMMARY – MICROSOFT CSP, you will see the amount payable for each customer for all your customers’ subscriptions. In this example, they are

  1. Easy Accounting Services ( and
  2. Johns and Associates Accountants (


You will see all your customers, their tenants and their subscriptions under rhipe CSP. You will also see the amount due for all the subscriptions under each customer. 


Amount due for each customer subscription

Customer 1: Easy Accounting Services


Easy Account Services has a Office 365 Business Essentials subscription
- The customer is billed for the 5 licenses provisioned from 1-Sep-17 to 18-Sep-17, and 6 licenses from 19-Sep-17 to 30-Sep-17, which is the last day of the month, under the Office 365 Business Essentials subscription.
- Since a subscription under CSP is pro-rated daily, the customer only needs to pay for the number of licenses they provisioned on any given date.
- As this is an in arrears invoice, you are billed for the licenses provisioned for your customers in the previous month.


Customer 2: Johns and Associates Accountants


There was no quantity change for the Office 365 Business Essentials subscription in the previous month.
- You will only see a single line item for the provisioning of 3 Office 365 Business Essentials licenses in the previous month for Johns and Associates Accounts.


Total amount due

The total amount due and the tax payable for your invoice can be viewed at the top of your invoice.