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What Are The High-Level Steps To Get Started With CSP Licensing For Azure Stack Through Rhipe?

Below is the sequence of steps to be followed for Azure Stack CSP licensing. Refer to standard CSP on-boarding procedure in the Azure subscriptions section of the FAQ.

  • Partner purchases Azure Stack from Authorized Hardware Vendors and deploys Azure stack
  • Partner signs up for CSP agreement with rhipe
  • Partner follows standard Azure on-boarding procedure with rhipe
  • Partner sets up their own tenant as a CSP tenant with rhipe and adds an Azure Subscription.
  • Partner requests for Owner access to the above subscription from rhipe support team.
  • Partner uses the above subscription to register their Azure stack with the help of their hardware vendor or by themselves
  • When ready for production partner creates local customer tenants in their Azure Stack
  • Partner also creates a new CSP customer tenant with rhipe
  • Partner maps the local customer tenant subscription in Stack with the CSP subscription created with rhipe
  • Validated billing data flows to PRISM portal similar to a standard CSP subscription