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How Is Billing Done For Azure Stack?

The Azure stack subscription registration and mapping procedure outlined in the getting started steps allows the consumption of information from Azure stack to flow to CSP azure metering engine. This allows rhipe to consolidate Azure stack resource consumption and Azure CSP consumption (if any) into a single bill for partners.

Partners receive a monthly consumption-based bill from rhipe. The invoice provides customer wise billing breakup for partners. Partners can also download a reconciliation file from PRISM portal which offers more transaction level details on resources used in Azure.

Note: Azure stack billing covers only Azure Microsoft metered resources. If a partner has additional resource offers within their stack (example: a security software appliance as a bundle in their Azure stack platform), the resource metering for such resources will not be reported to Azure, and hence will not be part of rhipe’s bill to partners. These resource metering and billing are to be handled by partner locally from the stack.