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What are the different types of reports that can be generated from Usage Meter 3.6.1?

Usage Meter Reports can be generated from the Usage Meter User Interface accessed through the browser Interface.

Follow the steps bellow to login to the Usage Meter Browser Interface: 

  1. Login to Usage Meter Browser Interface https://<Usage_Meter_IP:8443/umusing the username and password credentials configured during the installation
  2. Click the Reports Tab near the top right of the browser. The following are the five different types be generated from the User Interface:
  • Monthly Usage - The Monthly Usage report provides information about the monitored products, the unit type being metered, and the associated consumption, including usage information by VMware Cloud Provider Program bundles.

  • Customer Monthly Usage - The Customer Monthly Usage report provides the same information as the monthly usage Units section of the Monthly Usage report, but presents the information by customer.

  • Cluster History - The Cluster History report provides historic data for all vSAN enabled clusters. The report data includes Used Capacity in MB, On and Off statuses of vSAN features, such as Stretched Cluster, IOPS Limit, Deduplication, and Erasure Coding for the entire reporting month.

  • Virtual Machine History - Virtual Machine History Reports the Virtual Machine usage based on powered on and powered off timestamps that are recorded in the Usage Meter database.

  • Horizon DAAS Tenant - The Horizon DaaS Tenants report provides data for the maximum allocated quota of VDI sessions and RDSH sessions. The VDI desktops used for RDSH and the utility and management virtual machines are excluded from the report.