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What Are My License Entitlements?

Service Providers who has signed up for Acronis Backup Cloud program will be granted the access to Acronis Data Cloud portal – They will be able to create and manage customer tenants and download the required backup agents . Depending on the type of services offered, licensing calculation can be categorized as below:

Acronis Backup Cloud
Function : Create tenants, Manage Backup and Recovery. 
Licensing : Available in 2 model. Capacity or Per Device.
Per GB Capacity licensing – Licensed based on the backup capacity to Cloud Storage. Unlimited number of Devices.
Per Device licensing – Licensed based on the quantity and type of devices backup. If customer wish to backup to Acronis Hosted Cloud Storage, the capacity will be charged separately.

Acronis DR Cloud (Add On to Acronis Backup Cloud)
Function : Add On to Acronis Backup Cloud Service. Allow customers failover to server resources within Acronis Cloud. 
Licensing :  Follows Acronis Backup Cloud licensing. With additional add on for Compute, IP and DR Storage.
Compute – Charged based on the period of time powered On. There are 8 different VM sizes to choose from. 
IP – Charged monthly. Optional item and only required if customer requires Public IP. 
DR Storage – Charged monthly. Based on the capacity of Protected VMs recovery point. 

You can also refer to the following documentation on Acronis Data Cloud EULA and Platform Terms and Conditions.
Platform Terms and Conditions 
End User License Agreement