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How To Block All Access To An Application (Such As YouTube, Facebook), And Only Allow Specific IP Range Or Users To Access These Application?

You can do this via the Sinefa Traffic Shaping Rules. You can find out more details on traffic shaping via this guide – How to Setup Traffic Shaping

The Traffic shaping policies is applied in the following order:

  • Ignore - Traffic Shaping rules do not get applied to this application/definition
  • Block - Once applied, End users will be unable to use what's defined (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  • Shape - Most specific subnet address (e.g.
  • Shape - Least specific subnet address (e.g.
  • Shape - Application (e.g. Facebook)
  • Shape - Application Group (e.g. "All Software Updates")
  • Catch All (i.e. All Other Traffic)

Take for example, if you wish to block all traffic to YouTube and only allow IP segment to be able to view YouTube. You can do via the following steps

  1. Set a Shaping Rule to block YouTube traffic.
  2. Set a 2nd Shaping Rule to Ignore YouTube for
  3. Now only users from is able to access YouTube.