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How Do I Transition My Syndication Customer To CSP?

You can transition your customer to a 2-tier CSP with you reselling and billing Microsoft online service licenses directly to your customer any time you need. To ensure that services to your customers are not impacted, You need to add licenses for your customer through rhipe CSP in a few steps before suspending your customer’s Syndication CSP licenses.

The following are the details:


Red flags:

Your customers might still have Syndication subscription in their CSP tenant. These Syndication subscriptions look the same as the one that is provisioned on CSP/Open/Advisor program, but they are different.

As a result, when you add licenses through rhipe CSP the CSP licenses will be pooled together with the Syndication licenses. However, when you cancel the Syndication licenses there will not be automatic license reassignment.

Also, when you remove the Syndication licenses, you remove the licenses from the accounts with those licenses assigned. The difference in licensing programs means users with these licenses have them deleted from the user account, which has various consequences including loss of SMTP aliases and delegated mailbox rights amongst other issues.


The workaround is to move these Syndication license users to a temporary license on a different product, provided by rhipe. This ensures that no Syndication licenses are assigned when you remove the Syndication licenses.

Our recommendation is that you provision licenses that are 1 tier higher than what customers already have, i.e.

  • Syndication license user using O365 Business Essentials/Business    ->    Provision O365 Business Premium in rhipe CSP
  • Syndication license user using O365 Business Premium                      ->    Provision O365 Enterprise E3 in rhipe CSP etc.

This is to ensure that the online services to available to users before will still be available after.


Detailed Workaround Steps

The following are the detailed workaround steps to move the licenses from Syndication to rhipe CSP. They look complicated but are straightforward.


Before Transitioning

  1. Count the number of licenses moving from Syndication tenant to rhipe CSP.
    • For example, 10 x O365 Business Premium
  2. Perform Transition of Tenant through rhipe Prime portal
  3. Remember that you need the same number of temporary transition licenses. Order the actual number of licenses required in rhipe CSP PLUS the same number of temporary licenses
    • i.e. 10 x Office 365 Business Premium PLUS 10 x O365 Enterprise E3
  4. Once the transition is completed, our system will take 30-60 minutes to provision the order and you will be notified once the transitioning is completed.


After Transitioning is completed

  1. Reassign the higher tier licenses to your users and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes
    • i.e Assign the 10 x O363 Enterprise E3 licenses to the users and wait.
  2. Ensure under Billing > Licenses these users are all assigned to the higher tier licenses and no users to the original licenses under the Syndication tenant.
  3. Go to the marketplace of the Syndication partner and delete the licenses there
  4. Confirm that the Syndication licenses are removed from the Office 365 admin center.
    • Previously there should be 20 x O365 Business Premium, after deletion there should be 10
  5. Assign the intended licenses that the users need that are bought through rhipe CSP
    • Assign the rhipe CSP O365 Business Premium licenses to the users
  6. Suspend the workaround licenses in Prime Portal.
    • Suspend the extra 10 x O365 Enterprise E3 workaround licenses purchased

If there are multiple licenses in play (i.e. Business Essentials and Business Premium) then you will need to perform two separate runs of the license reassignment process. Always remember to suspend the higher tier workaround licenses at the end of the process.

Please contact if you require further assistance for the transitioning process.