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What Issues Does Acronis Backup Cloud Addresses?

Implementing Backup and Recovery in the Cloud has always been one of the hottest topic, especially when it comes to helping customers to embark their cloud journey. However, the approach of using traditional perpetual backup software in a cloud subscription model poses many challenges for services providers when it comes to piecing the solution together while reducing risk and lowering cost.

In many cases, Service Providers will need to invest in hardware as well as manually integrating multiple backup solutions in order to meet customers’ backup requirement. Moreover, the variable cost of network bandwidth, storage and complex licensing scheme also adds to the equation.

Acronis Backup Cloud helps eliminate most of these pain points by allowing Service Providers to leverage on Acronis Datacenter for Management and Data Repository. While at the same time, the solution is able to support one of the widest range of platform in the market, hence allowing you to meet customers’ requirement easily. Multi-Tenancy and White Labeling features helps SP to easily manage and brand your own services bundle. And all of these can be easily license in a simple capacity calculation.

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