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How do you generate A Monthly Usage Report?

Partners in VMware Cloud Provider Program are required to report the usage data on a monthly basis through rhipe’s Prime Portal which will redirect Partners to VMware’s Business Portal for usage submission.

The metered usage could be viewed from the downloaded report from Usage Meter as a *.TSV file.

Steps to generate a monthly report are mentioned below:

  1. Login to Usage Meter Interface https://<Usage_Meter_IP>:8443/um using the username and password configured during the installation.
  2. Click the “Reports” Tab on top right of the Browser window.
  3. Choose “Monthly Usage” from Report dropdown.
  4. Select the “Month of” for the period of which report required to be collected.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Click on the Link “Monthly Usage” which will download the *.TSV file
  7. Open the file in WordPad or Notepad++ and review the number mentioned under “Units to be Reported”. Alternatively, the TSV file can be imported into Microsoft Excel which provides a more presentable and readable view. Please refer to external online articles on importing TSV into Microsoft excel.
    1. Any columns that has “X to be reported” are required to be submitted against the product through rhipe’s Prime Portal 


An online video on End User Reporting, can be found here:

For further details, please also refer to our FAQ sections on Usage Meter and Reporting.