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I have a customer using Exchange Standard CALs through their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Can I upgrade their Exchange Standard CALs to Enterprise CALs using our SPLA licensing?

The key items to be mindful of in this scenario are:

1)    The end-customer will not be able to use SPLA for upgrade. So, they will need to get the Enterprise CALs via EA.

2)    However, when they reach renewal, you may be able to offer them from the various options below:

 aLicense Mobility through SA : So, end-customer renews their EA and continues to use their own licensing for both Exchange Server and CALs, or;

 b. Exchange via SPLA : You could offer them Exchange Enterprise SAL under SPLA so that they don’t have to renew their EA licensing for this product


Exchange Enterprise SAL


c. Exchange SAL for SA : If the end-customer have renewed SA for only the CALs (Standard and Enterprise), then you can host a SPLA licensed Exchange Server and offer the discounted pricing as below:


Exchange Enterprise SAL for Software Assurance