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What Are The Pre-Requisites For Using VCloud Usage Insight?

The following are the pre-requisites for using vCloud Usage Insight:

  • Partner should have Usage Meter Appliance version 3.6.1 deployed and configured properly in the environment with internet connectivity. Please refer to FAQ section “Usage Meter and Reporting” for more details on installing and configuring Usage Meter appliance.
  • Networking requirements including firewall may apply based on your infrastructure. Usage Meter 3.6.1 instance deployed needs to be able to send an email to an external email address. Hence SMTP needs to be configured in the Usage Meter appliance. Secondly, the Usage Meter appliance has a secondary (backup) communication method using HTTP port 443 and need to ensure port 443 is able to communicate outbound into the internet.
  • Partner should have an active email address matching his/her myVMware account.