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We're working on a solution for a customer that is going to be hosted in another infrastructure provider’s environment (e.g. Azure, AWS or any other IaaS). Can we leverage any of our normal Microsoft SPLA licensing, for example MSSQL, to run in this environment?

Note that partners can only run those SPLA product/SKUs to run in a Data Center Provider’s (DCP) environment that can be reported under SPLA on a Per SAL model.

See extracts from SPUR (Service Provider Use Rights) below:




So, products like Exchange, Office, RDS etc. are fine as they can all be reported on a Per SAL model under SPLA. When it comes to MS SQL though, you cannot use any “Core” based SKUs as shown in the screenshot above.

In other words, if partner wishes to host SQL Standard/Enterprise CORE licenses in Azure/AWS or any other DCP environment for that matter, the only ways to do this is:


  1. Get the SQL Core licensing from the DCP
  2. License Mobility through SA for end-customers to bring their own SQL Core licenses
  3. Rent bare metal / physical server (e.g. rhipe’s Softlayer) and run SQL Cores (along with Windows Server) under your SPLA.