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Why Does Skykick Creates Unlicensed Global Admin Accounts?

Cloud Backup creates and uses the following unlicensed global administrator accounts to improve backup and restore performance.

  Account Name Display Name
Backup zzO365BackupServiceAdmin@[tenantname] zz O365 Backup Service Admin
Restore zzO365RestoreServiceAdmin@[tenantname] zz O365 Restore Service Admin

Note: These accounts do NOT consume any licenses and thus do not cost anything, in either Office 365 or Cloud Backup.


These accounts reduce the impact of Office 365 throttling, which occurs when too many simultaneous connections are made to a single tenant from the same user.

The number of these accounts that are created depends on the number of sites and OneDrive for Business accounts in the tenant at the time of the backup or restore.

The accounts are named in a way to reduce concern in case customers encounter them. This may occur when a file is restored. Because SharePoint and OneDrive for Business interpret a restore as a writing or upload of the file, the zz O365 Restore Service Admin will be the name listed as the last to modify the restored file.

Important: These accounts, including their passwords, are created, used, and managed by the SkyKick Cloud Backup service. Please do not change the email addresses or passwords for these accounts. This will make them inaccessible to Cloud Backup, resulting in Alerts and a call to Support to resolve.