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How To Sign Up As A VCSP Partner

This document has been designed to provide step by step guidance on how to sign up as a Veeam partner through rhipe. The below steps assume you are already a rhipe partner. If you are not yet a rhipe partner, please sign up for free at and select the Veeam program upon sign-up. Our Program Operations team will assist in your on-boarding.


Once you are a rhipe partner, now you are ready to sign up as a Veeam ProPartner. The Veeam ProPartner Program is designed to help you take advantage of opportunities presented by the needs of the Always-On Enterprise to grow your business quicker and make it more profitable. Use Veeam in your own hosting environment or to your customers to assists with migration, cloud and on-premise backup and disaster recovery-as-a-service.


  1. To sign up as a Veeam Propartner account, go to the link:
  2. Under Sign in, click on the button “Apply right now”.

  3. Search for your company’s name and click on the “Find Company” button. 

  4. If your company is already on the registry:

    a)Select your company and then select the “Continue” button.

    b)Fill in the details and scroll down. Click on the “Apply” button.

  5. If your company is not on the list:

    a) Fill in the details on the ProPartner Portal Application Form here:

    b) Under the type of partnership in company details, select appropriate box (likely the below to become a Veeam Cloud and Service Provider (VCSP) partner.

    c) Complete the Business details and User application and Click Next.

  6. Please allow 3 business days for Veeam to revert.

  7. To complete your Veeam on-boarding with rhipe, please
    • Sign and return the Veeam Addendum which will be sent to you via DocuSign
    • Complete the Veeam license request form

      Your agreement will not be activated by Veeam unless you are ready to be issued production licenses.

  8. Once these documents have been returned,
    • Your Addendum will be countersigned by rhipe
    • Your license request form will be sent to Veeam for processing

  9. Once your licenses have been provisioned, they will be emailed directly to you. rhipe will also email you confirmation of your agreement which will include your reporting start date.


If you have any issues with the signup, kindly email

You can also speak to your rhipe Account Manager regarding any questions. 

For an introduction to Veaam licensing session, kindly talk to your Account Manager to book an appointment with