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Can users move between Commit and Flex licenses?

Users can be moved from Commit to Flex, and vice versa, from with the Citrix Cloud management interface. 

Note: As per the “What are Commit and Flex Licenses” section of this FAQ, a Commit license can only be reassigned after 30 days of inactivity.

Extract from the Citrix Service Provider Program FAQ can be found here

"Do Citrix Service Providers have access to Citrix Cloud for their customers?"

Yes, Citrix Service Providers can purchase Citrix Cloud services to support their customers.

Please note that Citrix Cloud has additional requirements:

  • There is a minimum of 25 users for each partner
  • CSP must commit to a 12-month contract for each Citrix Cloud account
  • CSP pays monthly but is responsible for the full 12 months committed
  • Additional users (co-terminating) can be added to an existing customer but the original commitment cannot be reduced
  • Once fulfilling the minimum of 25 users per partner all partners also have license to a consumption (Flex) option to add and remove users on a monthly basis but at a higher price point.