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How Do You Locate Your Partner ID, Contract Number And Site ID For Configuring Usage Meter?

Partners can identify Partner ID and Contract Number from VMware’s Business Portal logging through rhipe’s Prism Portal. Please follow the below steps to navigate into the section:

  1. Log into rhipe’s PRISM portal
  2. Navigate to Programs on the left hand tool bar and select the “VMware” tile
  3. Click on “Access VMware Business Portal” tile
  4. In the VMware Business Portal, click on Contracts and Active Contracts
  5. Partner ID is the number specified under “SP PRM ID”
  6. Contract ID is the number specified under “Contract No”

 Site ID is a custom field which can be a name (or) a number that can be used by the Partner to identify their infrastructure resources. For example, if there are multiple Data Centre, you can name Site IDs as “Site-1” or “Site-2” and so on.