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What Are My License Entitlements?

There are three type of DocuSign subcription licenses, each type of licences give different entitlements for users.

1. Base Product subscriptions (Mandatory)

Base Product subscription is a mandatory licence for DocuSign customers. There are 2 type of DocuSign Base product subscriptions:

  1. Seats
    • Licensed by per user per year
    • 100 transactions per user by default, transactions are pooled at tenant level, though Docusign does not keep track of user transactions for the 1st year.
    • Tiered pricing available from 5 seats onwards, up to 35% discount on list price
  2. Envelopes
    • Licenced by number of envelopes
    • Envelopes can be shared by unlimited number of users


2. Options (Optional)

There are three options:

  1. Connector Add-ons
  • Connector Add-ons are add-ons that connect DocuSign to 3rd party software and services such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Google Apps etc.
  • Connector add-ons are licensed by per seat per year.
  1. Authentication options
  • Recipient identity authentication option let Docusign users request receipients to provide additional information to prove their identity. When a business requires a higher security threshold. Identity authentication methods include phone and SMS.
  1. Additional transactions
  • Additional are transactions are purchased when the customers need more transactions than the total transactions included with user licences.

3. Support

Mandatory Premier Support (15% of total price) is required for all DocuSign base product subscriptions and options.