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Why Use Acronis Backup Cloud?

Acronis Backup Cloud backs up data from any source, stores data locally, in your private cloud, in a third-party cloud, or in the Acronis Cloud and lets you recover to any destination and system.


More specifically as a service provider, you can:

•    Store and manage your customers’ backups in an Acronis (Cloud) Data Center and quickly roll out this turnkey solution. In this scenario, you do not need to be concerned with storage and maintenance — Acronis does everything.

•    Expand or implement your own cloud storage or Azure, Amazon S3, and other third-party storage using an Acronis-hosted management console. This alleviates concerns about data leaks in public clouds and gives you the opportunity to sell additional storage.

•    Manage and store your customers’ backups in your own cloud storage or Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, and other third-party storage.

Acronis Backup Cloud can be white-labeled or co-branded into your existing SaaS offerings and offers a scalable, per-use business model with zero entry costs, allowing you to compete with the largest cloud storage providers. Your customers can back up and recover data, files, or an entire system, recover a system to bare metal, and encrypt data. Acronis Backup Cloud is also an ideal choice for any organization looking to transition from tape backup solutions.